Sunday, June 19, 2016


The month is almost over and the retiring stamps & products will be gone forever. Get them now at 40% off but only until June 30th! Let me know if I can help you!

SKU Name SKU Name SKU Name
AC-0030 Mini Wooden Spools AT-0112 Queen of Hearts SS-0064 Paper Floral
AC-0159 Vintage Buttons AT-0113 Your Side SS-0066 Postcard Basics
AC-0161 Going Places Wooden Words AT-0115 Artful Feathers SS-0068 Rough Texture
AC-0170 Bezel Dots AT-0116 Let's Go SS-0069 Script
AT-0001 Journey On AT-0117 Come Fly SS-0071 Sea Side Treasures
AT-0004 Artful Owl AT-0118 Beep Beep SS-0077 Stitched Borders
AT-0005 New Mommy AT-0121 America Sun SS-0079 Sweet Today
AT-0008 Lift Me AT-0122 Cup of Tea SS-0081 Thoughtful Greetings
AT-0010 Save the Date AT-0123 Happy Travels SS-0086 Vroom Vroom
AT-0011 Cupcake Time AT-0125 Travelers Letter SS-0087 Welcome Home
AT-0012 Gone Fishing AT-0126 Teepee Fun SS-0091 Winter Season
AT-0013 Bunco Night AT-0127 Hummingbird's Song SS-0092 Winter Stitches
AT-0015 Red Ribbon AT-0140 Masquerade SS-0093 Winter Wonderland 
AT-0016 Pink Ribbon AT-0143 Tulips SS-0095 You Did It!
AT-0017 Creative License BD-0002 Spring Filled bundle SS-0102 Spring Filled
AT-0019 Wine A Bit BD-0003 Daisy Flowers bundle SS-0104 Summer Filled
AT-0020 Apple A Day BD-0004 Summer Filled bundle SS-0108 Hoo-Ray!
AT-0022 Merry & Bright BD-0005 Tattered Flowers bundle SS-0112 Tattered Flowers
AT-0025 Rose Garden BD-0009 Sweet Today bundle SS-0113 Daisy Flowers
AT-0026 All of Us BD-0013 Enjoy the Journey bundle SS-0114 Keep Pedaling
AT-0027 Another Candle BD-0033 Oh Deer! Bundle SS-0115 Bachelorette Party
AT-0028 Blast Off BD-0065 Elegant Flowers bundle SS-0120 Summer Party
AT-0031 Matthew 28:6 BD-0066 Celebrate Tomorrow bundle SS-0121 Backyard BBQ
AT-0032 Imagine CS-0120 Specialty Paper Pearled Celebrations SS-0122 Lantern Treats
AT-0033 Cat's Meow DI-0001 Tagged Pocket SS-0123 Moon and Back
AT-0034 Elegante DI-0002 Decorated Sleeve Pocket SS-0124 Animal Nursery
AT-0035 Pretty Label DI-0003 Pocket Card SS-0125 Vintage Hollywood
AT-0036 Wow DI-0005 Bracket Sleeve Pocket SS-0127 Animal Alphabet
AT-0037 Cupid DI-0009 Spring Blooms SS-0131 Thanksgiving Medley
AT-0041 Mr. Fix It DI-0010 Daisy Blooms SS-0132 Oh Deer!
AT-0043 Bunny Trail DI-0011 Summer Blooms SS-0135 Zombies Attack
AT-0044 Cornacopia DI-0012 Tattered Flowers SS-0140 Branch Out
AT-0047 Fashion DI-0016 Sweet Today SS-0141 Runway
AT-0048 Moving DI-0023 Butterflies SS-0142 Cheerful Trees
AT-0050 Enjoy DI-0027 Scalloped Sleeve Pocket SS-0143 Ornament Party
AT-0052 Bingo DI-0028 Heart Sleeve Pocket SS-0146 Day of the Dead
AT-0054 Rain Tweet DI-0078 Oh Deer! SS-0151 Celebrate Tomorrow
AT-0058 Label It DI-0129 Elegant Flowers SS-0153 Candy Shop
AT-0059 Canned Goods  DI-0130 Celebrate Tomorrow SS-0154 Hello Scoop
AT-0060 Paper Doll JG-0001 Journey Grand machine SS-0173 Retro Chic
AT-0061 Irish On JW-0017 2015 Charm SS-0194 Surf's Up
AT-0063 Fabulous You  PP-0007 Yummy Prints Paper Pack SS-0195 Scenic View
AT-0065 Spring Days PP-0009 Going Places Paper Pack SS-0223 Going Places
AT-0066 Belongs To PP-0010 Vintage Paris Paper Pack SS-0224 Capture the Moment
AT-0067 Smile Big PP-0011 Media Prints Paper Pack (12x12) SS-0228 Wise Owl
AT-0068 Ruff Day PP-0012 Journey Basics Black & White SS-0229 Simply Me
AT-0069 Vintage Frame PP-0013 Journey Basics Pastels Paper Pack SS-0231 Media Pattern
AT-0070 Happy Day PP-0014 Journey Basics Brights Paper Pack SS-0233 House to Home
AT-0071 President Chair PP-0015 Journey Basics Neutrals Paper Pack SS-0246 So Sweet
AT-0073 Crown Me PP-0020 Spring Parade printed paper pack SS-0247 Green Cheers
AT-0074 Love Me SS-0001 4 Legged Friends TO-0023 Yummy & Delicious Craft Bag
AT-0075 Carved Damask SS-0002 African Safari SS-0079 Sweet Today
AT-0076 Dollfits SS-0007 Baby Chute SS-0081 Thoughtful Greetings
AT-0078 Lace Label SS-0012 Birthday Greetings SS-0086 Vroom Vroom
AT-0079 Tank You SS-0013 Birthday Sketch SS-0087 Welcome Home
AT-0080 Bright Day SS-0023 Christmas Melody SS-0091 Winter Season
AT-0081 Damask Print SS-0025 Circle Bliss SS-0092 Winter Stitches
AT-0083 Play Time SS-0026 Classic View SS-0093 Winter Wonderland 
AT-0084 Thank You SS-0030 Divatude SS-0095 You Did It!
AT-0085 Adore You SS-0032 Elegant Borders SS-0102 Spring Filled
AT-0094 Medallion SS-0033 Elegant Flowers SS-0104 Summer Filled
AT-0095 Above Ground SS-0034 Enjoy Coffee SS-0108 Hoo-Ray!
AT-0099 Giraffe Tour SS-0035 Enjoy The Journey SS-0112 Tattered Flowers
AT-0100 Psalms 91:1 SS-0040 Gifted Wings SS-0113 Daisy Flowers
AT-0101 Merry Swirl SS-0042 Greeting Earthlings SS-0114 Keep Pedaling
AT-0104 Sweet Chirp SS-0043 Greet & Shout SS-0115 Bachelorette Party
AT-0105 Merry Tag SS-0051 Linked Dots SS-0120 Summer Party
AT-0107 Bezel Block SS-0052 Little BIG Greetings SS-0121 Backyard BBQ
AT-0109 Calavera Smile SS-0053 Loads of Fun SS-0122 Lantern Treats
AT-0110 Love Birds SS-0055 Love Tags SS-0123 Moon and Back
AT-0111 Washi Fun SS-0057 Many Wishes SS-0124 Animal Nursery

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