Saturday, April 9, 2016

Retiring List is out - Get them while you can!

As we bid farewell to these retiring items, enjoy 30% the retail price in the month of April. Please note, these items are available while supplies last. We will update the product availability report each week so you know which items are no longer available or available in limited quantities.  The initial limited quantities will be updated tomorrow, and a printable pdf flyer will also be provided tomorrow so you can begin sharing this information with your customers.  Any remaining inventory will be reduced further in the month of May, but don’t wait! When the item is gone, it’s gone….

SKU Name SKU Name SKU Name
AC-0030 Mini Wooden Spools AT-0112 Queen of Hearts SS-0064 Paper Floral
AC-0159 Vintage Buttons AT-0113 Your Side SS-0066 Postcard Basics
AC-0161 Going Places Wooden Words AT-0115 Artful Feathers SS-0068 Rough Texture
AC-0170 Bezel Dots AT-0116 Let's Go SS-0069 Script
AT-0001 Journey On AT-0117 Come Fly SS-0071 Sea Side Treasures
AT-0004 Artful Owl AT-0118 Beep Beep SS-0077 Stitched Borders
AT-0005 New Mommy AT-0121 America Sun SS-0079 Sweet Today
AT-0008 Lift Me AT-0122 Cup of Tea SS-0081 Thoughtful Greetings
AT-0010 Save the Date AT-0123 Happy Travels SS-0086 Vroom Vroom
AT-0011 Cupcake Time AT-0125 Travelers Letter SS-0087 Welcome Home
AT-0012 Gone Fishing AT-0126 Teepee Fun SS-0091 Winter Season
AT-0013 Bunco Night AT-0127 Hummingbird's Song SS-0092 Winter Stitches
AT-0015 Red Ribbon AT-0140 Masquerade SS-0093 Winter Wonderland 
AT-0016 Pink Ribbon AT-0143 Tulips SS-0095 You Did It!
AT-0017 Creative License BD-0002 Spring Filled bundle SS-0102 Spring Filled
AT-0019 Wine A Bit BD-0003 Daisy Flowers bundle SS-0104 Summer Filled
AT-0020 Apple A Day BD-0004 Summer Filled bundle SS-0108 Hoo-Ray!
AT-0022 Merry & Bright BD-0005 Tattered Flowers bundle SS-0112 Tattered Flowers
AT-0025 Rose Garden BD-0009 Sweet Today bundle SS-0113 Daisy Flowers
AT-0026 All of Us BD-0013 Enjoy the Journey bundle SS-0114 Keep Pedaling
AT-0027 Another Candle BD-0033 Oh Deer! Bundle SS-0115 Bachelorette Party
AT-0028 Blast Off BD-0065 Elegant Flowers bundle SS-0120 Summer Party
AT-0031 Matthew 28:6 BD-0066 Celebrate Tomorrow bundle SS-0121 Backyard BBQ
AT-0032 Imagine CS-0120 Specialty Paper Pearled Celebrations SS-0122 Lantern Treats
AT-0033 Cat's Meow DI-0001 Tagged Pocket SS-0123 Moon and Back
AT-0034 Elegante DI-0002 Decorated Sleeve Pocket SS-0124 Animal Nursery
AT-0035 Pretty Label DI-0003 Pocket Card SS-0125 Vintage Hollywood
AT-0036 Wow DI-0005 Bracket Sleeve Pocket SS-0127 Animal Alphabet
AT-0037 Cupid DI-0009 Spring Blooms SS-0131 Thanksgiving Medley
AT-0041 Mr. Fix It DI-0010 Daisy Blooms SS-0132 Oh Deer!
AT-0043 Bunny Trail DI-0011 Summer Blooms SS-0135 Zombies Attack
AT-0044 Cornacopia DI-0012 Tattered Flowers SS-0140 Branch Out
AT-0047 Fashion DI-0016 Sweet Today SS-0141 Runway
AT-0048 Moving DI-0023 Butterflies SS-0142 Cheerful Trees
AT-0050 Enjoy DI-0027 Scalloped Sleeve Pocket SS-0143 Ornament Party
AT-0052 Bingo DI-0028 Heart Sleeve Pocket SS-0146 Day of the Dead
AT-0054 Rain Tweet DI-0078 Oh Deer! SS-0151 Celebrate Tomorrow
AT-0058 Label It DI-0129 Elegant Flowers SS-0153 Candy Shop
AT-0059 Canned Goods  DI-0130 Celebrate Tomorrow SS-0154 Hello Scoop
AT-0060 Paper Doll JG-0001 Journey Grand machine SS-0173 Retro Chic
AT-0061 Irish On JW-0017 2015 Charm SS-0194 Surf's Up
AT-0063 Fabulous You  PP-0007 Yummy Prints Paper Pack SS-0195 Scenic View
AT-0065 Spring Days PP-0009 Going Places Paper Pack SS-0223 Going Places
AT-0066 Belongs To PP-0010 Vintage Paris Paper Pack SS-0224 Capture the Moment
AT-0067 Smile Big PP-0011 Media Prints Paper Pack (12x12) SS-0228 Wise Owl
AT-0068 Ruff Day PP-0012 Journey Basics Black & White SS-0229 Simply Me
AT-0069 Vintage Frame PP-0013 Journey Basics Pastels Paper Pack SS-0231 Media Pattern
AT-0070 Happy Day PP-0014 Journey Basics Brights Paper Pack SS-0233 House to Home
AT-0071 President Chair PP-0015 Journey Basics Neutrals Paper Pack SS-0246 So Sweet
AT-0073 Crown Me PP-0020 Spring Parade printed paper pack SS-0247 Green Cheers
AT-0074 Love Me SS-0001 4 Legged Friends TO-0023 Yummy & Delicious Craft Bag
AT-0075 Carved Damask SS-0002 African Safari SS-0079 Sweet Today
AT-0076 Dollfits SS-0007 Baby Chute SS-0081 Thoughtful Greetings
AT-0078 Lace Label SS-0012 Birthday Greetings SS-0086 Vroom Vroom
AT-0079 Tank You SS-0013 Birthday Sketch SS-0087 Welcome Home
AT-0080 Bright Day SS-0023 Christmas Melody SS-0091 Winter Season
AT-0081 Damask Print SS-0025 Circle Bliss SS-0092 Winter Stitches
AT-0083 Play Time SS-0026 Classic View SS-0093 Winter Wonderland 
AT-0084 Thank You SS-0030 Divatude SS-0095 You Did It!
AT-0085 Adore You SS-0032 Elegant Borders SS-0102 Spring Filled
AT-0094 Medallion SS-0033 Elegant Flowers SS-0104 Summer Filled
AT-0095 Above Ground SS-0034 Enjoy Coffee SS-0108 Hoo-Ray!
AT-0099 Giraffe Tour SS-0035 Enjoy The Journey SS-0112 Tattered Flowers
AT-0100 Psalms 91:1 SS-0040 Gifted Wings SS-0113 Daisy Flowers
AT-0101 Merry Swirl SS-0042 Greeting Earthlings SS-0114 Keep Pedaling
AT-0104 Sweet Chirp SS-0043 Greet & Shout SS-0115 Bachelorette Party
AT-0105 Merry Tag SS-0051 Linked Dots SS-0120 Summer Party
AT-0107 Bezel Block SS-0052 Little BIG Greetings SS-0121 Backyard BBQ
AT-0109 Calavera Smile SS-0053 Loads of Fun SS-0122 Lantern Treats
AT-0110 Love Birds SS-0055 Love Tags SS-0123 Moon and Back
AT-0111 Washi Fun SS-0057 Many Wishes SS-0124 Animal Nursery